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Frequently Asked Questions

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There are currently diploma programs, finishing school programs and graduate offered by the servo hospitality school. but there are certificate and international exchange programs also listed on the   website. Are these part of the curriculum of the diploma and graduate programs or are they separate programs.

These are separate programs that can be opted with the curriculum of the diploma programs, finishing school programs and graduate programs .

Do we run only one batch at a time for a particular course or do we take separate batches/multiple shifts for the same course ? If yes , please specify the intake per batch .

There are three intakes in an year(January , may and September). The intake per batch per course is 40 student .

Do you have any scholarship program?

We do run scholarship programs based on two criteria's

1) Merit based scholarship available to students who have secured 85% or a above in the national or state board examinations of class XII . The waiver offered on the tuition fee is anywhere between 25-50% , based on other evaluation metrics .For children of government employees and army officials  there will be an additional waiver.

2) The servo Hospitality School also conducts an annual entrance exam

anywhere in the first or second week of may . Scholarship is offered to students who score in the top 1% of the cohort.

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