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In the last few years, the paradigms, frames and perspectives that define the hospitality industry have undergone a monumental change. The challenge is to train and educate the future hoteliers and hospitality leaders to anticipate and respond to these changes. At the Servo Hospitality School, we have pushed the limits of knowledge delivery to impart transformative, innovative and experiential learning to our students. We aim to carve out a niche in the ‘Hospitality Education’ through our quality up to date curriculum and lecture delivery methods supported by strong in-house training and international exposure. Our outlook is global, and our vision is to build purposeful and visionary leaders in hospitality. Our students are trained by a team of dynamic hospitality professionals that have decades of industrial experience. The students are provided wholesome education not just in classrooms but also through strong industry-academia interface. They are guaranteed an immersive hospitality experience at our training partner Hotel Ramada, Dehradun to establish excellence via experience. Through international internships, that impart them with cross cultural skills, sensitivity and career networking, the students are truly prepared for a global hospitality career. Learners at Servo can choose from a plethora of courses in Hotel Management, Culinary & Bakery.

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