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Caboose: The Culinary Studio

The setting up of the Servo Culinary Studio is a unique and a highly innovative endeavour started by the Servo Hospitality School to bridge the gap between the classroom learnings, its practice in the confines of the narrow institutional kitchen and understanding the intricacies of food production in a commercial context. The goal and the aspiration is to become a professional chef across all age groups. The philosophy underlying the setting up of the studio is to provide creative space to a potential chef in the making to conjure International gastronomical delights. The purpose of creating this facility is not only to provide an enjoyable environment for nurturing culinary aspirations for food enthusiasts but for culinary professionals that are hoping to further enrich & enhance their culinary skills. Thus, the Servo Culinary Studio will not only be a destination for making good food, but it will offer a unique setting for family and private celebrations. Participants can learn classical and modern culinary techniques, hottest trends and use the state-of-the-art studio for an immersive experience to experiment and curate international cuisine.

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